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Unlock the future of disease research with our revolutionary Paired-Tag technology. 

Designed to decipher the complexity of human diseases, our technology delves into the heart of epigenetic dysfunction, a key player in phenomena like cancer therapeutic resistance. Our innovation illuminates the intricate regulatory programs underlying diseases, offering a gateway to more effective treatments. As a trusted partner to dozens of researchers worldwide, we're shaping the next generation of clinical assays. Explore the untapped potential of the epigenome with us, your guide in the frontier of single-cell multi-omics technologies. Together, we can revolutionize our understanding and treatment of disease.


Unique Single Cell, Multi-omics:

Simultaneous interrogation of gene expression and chromatin structure at single cell resolution


Highly Scalable and Cost-Effective:

Processing up to one million cells in parallel.


Experience and Commitment:

Technical strength and operational excellence

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