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Droplet Paired-Tag Multi-Ome Kits

Droplet Paired-Tag
16 rxns
Droplet Paired-Tag
4 rxns

Droplet Paired-Tag Reagent Kits enable joint chromatin and RNA profiling in single cells, providing high molecular and cellular resolution.

Droplet Paired-Tag is an innovative assay that enables the concurrent profiling of RNA expression and histone post-translational modifications at the single-cell level. Due to its unique capability to provide a comprehensive snapshot of cellular activity, Droplet Paired-Tag is gaining traction in epigenetic and transcriptomic studies, paving the way for multifaceted analyses.

In the Droplet Paired-Tag procedure, cells are treated with Ab:pAG-Tn5 – a specialized Tn5 transposase conjugated to protein A and bound to an antibody against the target histone PTM. This specific configuration allows for the precise tagging of DNA associated with histones carrying the target post-translational modification. Furthermore, single-cell barcoding using the 10X Multiome platform introduces unique cell-specific barcodes to both RNA and DNA, allowing researchers to associate specific RNA and DNA fragments with individual cells.

The Droplet Paired-Tag Kit from Epigenome Technologies supplies the necessary reagents to conduct 4 unique reactions. The optimally designed protocol walks users through each stage: from sample preparation, antibody staining and tagmentation, to barcoding and library preparation, ensuring the creation of sequencing-ready libraries that accurately capture the nuances of transcriptional and epigenetic cellular activity.

A publication figure displaying the biochemistry and workflow of the Droplet Paired-Tag assay
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