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Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag Multi-Ome Kits

Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag
4x4 rxns
Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag
4 rxns

Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag Kits extend the Droplet Paired-Tag Kits by adding additional molecular barcodes, enabling multiple antibody-treated samples to be multiplexed in the same single-cell lane, significantly lowering the per-cell cost of these assays, while maintaining the usability of DNA fragments – even from multiplet droplets.

A publication-quality image showing single-cell UMAP embeddings from multiple components of the Paired-Tag joint assay: RNA, H3K27ac, H3K27me3, H3K9me3, H3K4me1

Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag is an advanced assay designed to harness the power of single-cell epigenetic and transcriptomic profiling while maximizing efficiency and scalability. With the proliferation of single-cell studies, there is a growing demand for techniques that offer not only precision but also cost-effectiveness, and Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag fits this niche perfectly.

Building upon the foundational Droplet Paired-Tag technology, the Multiplex version introduces extended tagmentation barcodes. This novel feature permits the labeling of antibodies and samples in a manner that cells from multiple samples can be conveniently pooled and processed in the same cell barcoding lane. This multiplexing capability considerably reduces the per-cell cost of the assays, making large-scale studies more economically feasible.

Furthermore, despite the pooling of cells from various samples, the Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag Kit ensures the integrity and usability of DNA fragments. Even in the case of multiplet droplets, the extracted data remains uncompromised, allowing for accurate and reliable downstream analyses.

The Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag Kit offers researchers a seamless balance between complexity and efficiency, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in single-cell studies.

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