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Paired-Tag: Platform-free

Platform-Free Paired-Tag Kit
12 rxns

Paired-Tag Platform-Free Reagent Kits enable joint chromatin and RNA profiling in single cells, without the need to purchase external platforms or 3rd-party kits, enabling low-cost and high-throughput joint profiling of RNA and histone modifications or other DNA-bound proteins.

Paired-Tag Platform-Free is a pioneering assay designed for the simultaneous profiling of RNA expression and histone post-translational modifications at the single-cell level. This platform-free version of the assay is distinguished by its ability to provide a detailed and comprehensive snapshot of cellular activity, making it a vital tool in epigenetic and transcriptomic studies for in-depth analyses.

In the Paired-Tag Platform-Free procedure, cells undergo a meticulous process where Ab:pAG-Tn5 – a specialized Tn5 transposase conjugated to protein A and linked to an antibody targeting the specific histone PTM – is utilized. This arrangement enables the precise tagging of DNA associated with histones carrying the desired post-translational modification. Unlike platform-dependent methods, the platform-free approach does not rely on specific barcoding platforms but allows for flexible integration with various single-cell sequencing technologies, adapting to different lab settings and research demands.


The Paired-Tag Platform-Free Kit from Epigenome Technologies provides all necessary reagents for conducting comprehensive reactions, supporting an intensive workflow from sample preparation and antibody staining to tagmentation and library preparation. This thorough protocol guides users through each step to ensure the creation of high-quality sequencing-ready libraries that capture detailed transcriptional and epigenetic cellular dynamics.

We work closely with investigators and provide step-by-step instructions to optimize the Paired-Tag assays for a variety of tissues, targets and antibodies.

Paired-Tag Services

For investigators who may not wish to optimize and execute the Paired-Tag workflow in-house, Epigenome Technologies also offers Paired-Tag Platform-Free services. These services leverage our expertise to deliver precise and reliable results, allowing scientists to focus on their research without the operational complexities of running the assay themselves.

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