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Optimization Kits for Single-Cell Assays

Tailor Your Experiments for Maximum Efficiency and Accuracy

Optimization Kit - Large
16 rxn
Optimization Kit - Medium
8 rxn
Optimization Kit - Small
4 rxn

Unlock the full potential of your single-cell assays with our specially designed Optimization Kits. Tailored to support researchers in validating and fine-tuning single-cell assays for their specific tissues and antibodies, these kits are essential for anyone looking to ensure the compatibility and effectiveness of their assays. Each kit includes a range of reagents and tools necessary for adjusting concentrations, optimizing sample and reagent volumes, and troubleshooting common issues that may arise during the assay setup.

The Optimization Kits are structured to help you:

  • Verify Assay Compatibility: Test how well your chosen assays work with your specific tissues and antibodies, minimizing the risk of failed experiments.

  • Fine Tune Concentrations: Adjust the concentration of samples and reagents to determine the optimal conditions for a high-yield assay.

  • Troubleshoot Efficiently: Utilize included guidelines and tools to diagnose and resolve common setup issues, ensuring successful assay outcomes.

You can optimize Paired-Tag to your samples and antibodies without costly single-cell loading or even sequencing.

These kits come in multiple sizes, accommodating a variety of research scales from preliminary tests to extensive series of experiments. By providing everything needed for effective preparation and execution, our Optimization Kits make it easier to achieve reliable and reproducible results, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries in your research field.

Custom Primers

For low-cost antibody optimization, we can help develop custom primers to evaluate signal-to-noise ("fragments-in-peak") from qPCR assays. 

An image of a TapeStation electropheresis demonstrating variable quality optimizations of epigenetic profiling
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