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Schematic of the biochemistry and workflow of Platform-Free Paired-Tag

Paired-Tag: Single-cell epigenetic profiling at high-throughput

Map out epigenome-transcriptome relationships at cell resolution

Paired-Tag revolutionizes single-cell analysis by enabling antibody-targeted profiling of histones or transcription factors, along with RNA. This platform facilitates precise annotation of cis-regulatory elements, linking their states directly to gene activity.


By identifying epigenetically-defined cell states, Paired-Tag provides crucial insights into cellular functions and disease mechanisms, enhancing the scope of genomic research.

A Vision of Compatibility

Your choice of platform is no barrier

Embrace unparalleled flexibility with Paired-Tag, designed to transcend platform limitations and integrate with any cell barcoding strategy. Whether your lab utilizes droplet-based systems, combinatorial barcoding, or emerging tagging technologies, Paired-Tag kits are crafted to ensure flawless compatibility.


This adaptability allows your team to leverage existing setups, eliminating the need for costly new equipment and enabling seamless adoption of state-of-the-art single-cell multi-omics, regardless of the chosen platform.

Decoding Disease Chromatin States

Using Paired-Tag for mechanistic insights

Dive deeper into the cellular narrative with Paired-Tag’s multiomic assay, which combines our sophisticated cellular histone state and epigenetic factor profiling with RNA-seq.


This powerful combination allows you to uncover disease-associated epigenetic states, linking them directly to gene expression patterns in development and disease.


By revealing how chromatin modifications influence RNA activity in across context and cells, Paired-Tag provides essential insights to drive forward the development of targeted therapies and diagnostic strategies.

Scientific figure showing integrated platform-free and droplet Paired-Tag data with epigenetic IGV tracks
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