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Paired-Tag Single-Cell Epigenome Profiling Services:

Our Paired-Tag service is an ultra-high throughput single-nucleus epigenome profiling technology. It enables simultaneous quantification of nuclear RNA expression and histone modification within the same nucleus, overcoming typical protocol complexities and skill requirements.

Droplet Paired-Tag Services:

The Droplet Paired-Tag service utilizes micro-fluidics platforms to enhance library complexity and coverage per cell. This provides a more in-depth layer of information for single-cell epigenome profiling studies.


Bulk and Sorted-Cell Cut&Tag Services:

The Bulk and Sorted-Cell Cut&Tag services allow for the profiling of DNA-bound proteins and histone modifications at tissue resolution with low input requirements. These services deliver detailed data sets that can augment more comprehensive studies of tissue-specific gene regulation.

Bioinformatics and Research Support:

Our Bioinformatics and Research Support services provide additional data analysis resources. These include comprehensive sample output reports and bioinformatics analysis reports, which offer additional insights into your research data and help guide further investigation.

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