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Feasibility study of Paired-tag on human colorectal cancers

Moderate coverage sequencing of H3K27me3 in CRC single cells using Paired-Tag joint histone modification + nuclear RNA profiling technique


Brain epigenetic heritability

Despite established links between regulatory element activity and disease heritability, little is known about the heritability of epigenetic programs themselves. By applying PairedTag to developing and adult mouse cross-species crosses, we seek to distinguish neurological epigenetic programs under genetic versus environmental control


Single-cell Epigenome Analysis of the Alzheimer's Disease Brain

The scientific premise of the study is that joint analysis of the epigenome and transcriptome at single-cell resolution will both improve identification of brain cell types involved in AD pathology and accelerate understanding of the molecular basis of AD disease pathogenesis, especially in late onset Alzheimer’s disease


High-throughput Single Cell Co-assay of Histone Modifications and Transcriptome

We will optimize the current Paired-Tag protocol and demonstrate its utility in cancer epigenome analysis. If successful, the research would add a major toolkit for the production of cell-type-resolved maps of chromatin state and transcriptome in complex tissues and enable next generation epigenome analysis of tumor samples

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