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A UMAP embedding of Paired-Tag RNA overlayed on the SEA-AD consortium data at high concordance
A legend enumerating the cell types present in a nearby image
IGV tracks of H3K4me1 epigenetics in single-cells as produced by Paired-Tag


Resolve tissue heterogeneity at high throughput and low cost

Platform-free single-cell RNA + epigenetic multiome profiling that provides detailed insights into cellular function and disease mechanisms.

Droplet Paired-Tag

Profile DNA binding on the leading single-cell platform

Utilize our microfluidic-compatible technology for precise single-cell RNA and epigenetic profiling, enhancing your understanding of complex biological systems.

Workflow describing biochemistry and steps of Droplet Paired-Tag assay
UMAP embeddings for Paired-Tag with brain cell types labeled
Figure showing RNA and DNA UMI/cell for epigenetic factors in Paired-TAg
Epigenetic IGV tracks showing high Paired-Tag reproducibility

Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag

For high-throughput epigenetic multiomes

Maximize the efficiency and throughput of your research with our Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag technology. This advanced method allows multiple Paired-Tag assays to be conducted on the same 10X lane, significantly reducing costs and increasing data output.

Optimization Kits

Optimize your antibodies and samples for ideal single-cell profiles

Tailor single-cell epigenetics to your specific targets, antibodies, and tissue types with our comprehensive optimization kits.

Complexity Curves for Paired-Tag Optimization
IGV Tracks for Paired-Tag Optimization
Spatial Imaging - Abstract Brain
Epigenome Kits - Boxes

Spatial Paired-Tag

Spatial solutions for DNA-binding multiomes

Prepare for the next level of epigenetic exploration with our spatial resolution solutions, designed to map cellular interactions in situ.


Coming soon!

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