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Single-Cell Epigenetic Services

Elevate your research with our comprehensive suite of epigenetic services. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies, we are proud to offer an array of specialized services tailored to your research needs.

Droplet Paired-Tag
Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag
Single-Cell RNA + ATAC Multiome
sc Cut&Tag PRO

By partnering with us, you're not only outsourcing the manual process of handling samples but also leveraging our extensive laboratory expertise and custom bioinformatic pipelines. Our specialists excel in the application of epigenetic assays to real-world samples to identify epigenetic subpopulations, be it from open chromatin data or specific histone PTMs. This includes uncovering cells that could greatly influence drug treatment outcomes—highlighting differences between responders and resistant cells—or pinpointing cells with varying gene expression profiles that shed light on developmental trajectories, such as brain development, T-helper cell evolution, and B-cell differentiation. Moreover, as part of our comprehensive services contract, we offer seamless sequencing solutions and custom bioinformatic analysis tailored to your project's requirements.

Our specialized offerings include:

  • Droplet Paired-Tag Service: 

​Dive deep into the world of RNA expression and histone post-translational modifications at the single-cell level. Unravel the intricate layers of epigenetic information and identify unique cellular subpopulations.

  • Multiplex Droplet Paired-Tag Service: 

Maximize your research efficiency with the capability to pool cells from multiple samples in a single lane. Enjoy reduced per-cell costs without compromising on data quality and integrity.

  • sc Cut&Tag PRO: 

A refined service that combines histone PTM profiling with cell surface protein hashing. This offers a multi-faceted view of cellular identities, broadening the scope of your investigations.

  • Single-cell RNA + ATAC Multiome: 

A classic approach to single-cell studies, this service provides insights into both RNA expression and open chromatin landscapes, further enhancing the depth of your cellular profiling.

Analysis Services

In addition to leveraging our expertise for laboratory services, we also offer the option of adding custom analysis services to experiments run in our lab. This includes sequencing, alignment, quantification, and downstream single-cell epigenetic analytics customized to your experimental design and tissue type.

With a commitment to precision, reliability, and excellence, our services offer an unparalleled experience. Whether you're embarking on a complex multi-ome project or need insights into specific cellular phenomena, trust in our expertise to guide your research endeavors.

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