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Comprehensive Research Support

Empowering Your Discoveries with Expertise and Innovation

Paired-Tag Services

Full spectrum of Paired-Tag assays  for detailed joint profiling of the transcriptome and DNA-bound proteins.

Bioinformatics Services

Comprehensive bioinformatics support covering everything from  peak quantification to CRE annotation and integrative data analysis.

Assay Optimization

Tailored optimization services to ensure reagents and sample preparations are ideal for single-cell epigenetics in your specific setting.

Target Optimization

Focused optimization services to select the ideal subunit of your target complex for precise experimental outcomes.

Bulk + Single-Cell

Enhance your research scope by combining Paired-Tag with Cut&Tag and Cut&Run, increasing sample numbers and analytical power.

Customized Assays

Bespoke experimental design and execution to meet unique research needs, handled by our team of experts.

Paired-Tag Services

Expertly Conducted, Precisely Profiled

Our Paired-Tag Services offer direct access to our cutting-edge technology for simultaneous RNA and protein profiling within single cells.


You provide the samples, and we handle everything from preparation to execution. This service includes the full utilization of our Paired-Tag assays, whether platform-free, droplet, or multiplex, tailored to meet your specific research needs.


Our team ensures optimal sample preparation and assay performance, delivering high-quality libraries or comprehensive sequencing data. Benefit from our specialized expertise to gain deeper insights into cellular functions and disease mechanisms without the need for in-house technical setup.

Single-cell UMAP of Paired-Tag RNA expression, hierarchical clustering of cells
IGV tracks of Paired-Tag histone modifications across multiple cell types
Spike-in cellular controls for single-cell Cut&Tag optimization
Comparison of scCut&Tag library sizes across conditions and vendors

Assay Optimization

Tailored for Perfection

Ensure the success of your single-cell assays with our Assay Optimization services. We work closely with you to determine the most effective antibody selections and sample preparation methods that integrate seamlessly with your research objectives.


This service is designed to optimize your experimental conditions, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your assays.


Whether you are setting up new protocols or adjusting existing ones, our experts provide hands-on support to fine-tune your assays for maximum data yield and quality.

Bulk & Single-Cell

Comprehensive Analysis, Unparalleled Depth

Combine the power of bulk and single-cell analysis with our specialized services.


We handle the integration of Paired-Tag with compatible bulk assays like Cut&Tag and Cut&Run, enriching your research with robust sample numbers and enhanced analytical power. You can identify changes in DNA binding, and identify both target genes and relevant cell types.


By managing the entire process, from sample preparation to final data analysis, we help you navigate the complexities of multi-scale analysis. Our services ensure you receive not just data, but a comprehensive understanding of your sample's cellular and molecular landscape.

IGV tracks of paired bulk and single-cell Cut&Tag (Paired-Tag)
Cell-type-specific histone profiling from bulk tissues using Paired-Tag
Droplet Paired-Tag UMAP
Comparing epigenetic cell type populations in disease


From Data to Discovery

Transform raw data into actionable insights with our Bioinformatics Services.


Specializing in the analysis of genomic and epigenomic data, our team works directly with you to manage and analyze the results from your single-cell assays.


We provide quantification, peak calling, CRE annotation, and integrated data analysis, delivering not just sequences but fully interpreted reports that propel your research forward.


Our bioinformatics expertise allows you to seamlessly transition from experimental output to scientific breakthrough, ensuring you make the most of your data.

Elevate your research with our comprehensive suite of epigenetic services. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies, we are proud to offer an array of specialized services tailored to your research needs.

Paired-Tag Services (Platform-free, droplet, multiplex)
ES1001, ES1002, ES1003
Single-Cell RNA + ATAC Multiome
Assay/Antibody Optimization
Bulk + Single-Cell Cut&Tag
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