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Research Assistant


San Diego, CA, USA

Job Type:

Full Time

Report To:

Senior Scientist

What is this job all about?

Job Description:

This position will be primarily involved in supporting sample and library prep efforts related to genome sequencing test. Individual will assist research scientists in the development and launch of new assays. This position offers excellent opportunity for professional growth and advancement and an opportunity to play a role in laying the foundation in genomic medicine with a company that is a leader in transforming next generation sequencing

Job Responsibilities:

  • Support lab operations and maintain accurate and complete laboratory records, as needed

  • Carry out experiments and research according to protocols laid out by research scientists

  • Conduct statistical analyses of data sets

  • Effectively communicating and collaborating work efforts with other team members

  • Work independently or together with other employees to create presentations or posters to help researchers present the results

  • Review print and online resources to gather information

  • Check facts, proofread, and edit research documents to ensure accuracy

  • Maintain laboratory equipment and inventory

What can you offer?


  • A bachelor’s degree and prior experience in the in the fields of molecular biology or biotechnology

  • Experience in NGS workflows, library preparation, and the ability to implement new technologies

  • Strong familiarity with NGS data analysis and data interpretation is a plus


  • Adaptability; able to function effectively in a fast paced and rapidly changing environment

  • Ability to use technical skills and good time management to perform work efficiently and meet project timelines

  • Ability to write and follow work instructions and standard operating procedures

  • Professional written and verbal communication

Success Factors:

  • Excellent problem-solving skills with a high attention to detail

  • Personable, efficient and a highly motivated professional with an internal drive to succeed

  • Time management: prioritize tasks to ensure that projects are completed by deadlines

  • Demonstrated ability to follow Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) and maintain detailed records

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